Last chance to save Saab

Grandeur and decadence of GM

Sweden has definitely no luck, its two carmakers are about to be sold, showing the decline of its once national prides. Saab, bought by GM, now to be sold or nbust. Volvo owned by Ford, but also for sale. Volvo in the past before being sold to Ford was desired by Renault.

Chinese carmaker to the rescue of ill western carmakers, good deal?

If it were to acquire fastly foreign car technology, it's maybe ok, but beware of the debts those ailing companies are having. Geely is maybe the only one interested by Saab, does it mean something? on its side, Changan said it was not interested by acquiring Volvo, at least in the 3 months timeframe, a tactic to lower the price of Volvo for purchase afterward? Recently Geely seems to walk backward.Geely want to buy Volvo it cheaper?

Changan is producing the Volvo S40, it sure has knowledge about Volvo. But it expressed no interest for the purchase of the company. Instead Changan goes further with Ford to build a third plant in Chongqing. Realy bad times for Volvo !

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